Dr. Linda Olson Bieri graduated from the University of Iowa – College of Dentistry in 1978. She has been in the private practice of dentistry since then. The first eight years were in a partnership with her father, Dr. A. Miles Olson. In 1986, Dr. Steven CHristensen joined them and the three practiced together for eight years. Dr. Bieri and Dr. Christen continue to practice together in Laurens and opened their Spirit Lake satellite practice in 2005. In 2018, the doctors sold their practices to Dr. Clay and Dr. O’Neill of Ft. Dodge.

Dr. Bieri and her husband Sheldon have been married since 1978. Together they have three children and three grandchildren. recently, Sheldon and Linda have moved to their lake home.

Dr. Bieri has serves as President of the Ft. Didge District dental society, the Iowa Dental Study Club, and the University of Iowa Dental Alumni Association. She was selected for both the Pierre Fauchard Academy (2005 Iowa OUtstanding DSentist of the Year) and the International College of Dentists.

She continues as an adjunct faculty mentor for senior dental students from the University of Iowa, a very special interest of hers. This preceptor relationship began over forty years ago. Students are selected to spend five weeks at our clinic to observe and practice with staff and patients providing valuable clinical experience not possible;e in the university setting. Private practice provides the opportunity to develop trust in each other as doctor and patient, which is a rare privilege developed over time.

Dr. Bieri enjoys the continued teamwork provided by the new dentists who are leading this practice. Together the team will continue to advance our dental skills and the patient experience through technology, providing dentistry with increased ease, comfort, and confidence.